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Classes start from 9am to 1pm

All students will be supplied with a complimentary threading starter kit upon arrival.

Classes take place on the 1st and 2nd Sunday of every month.

Students must successfully pass both the hands-on threading ability test and the written test to obtain their threading certification form.

Reserve your spot by emailing or call 310-617-9379 for further information.

Day 1

Eyebrow Threading

  • The history of eyebrow threading
  • Discuss misconceptions related to eyebrow threading
  • Eyebrow threading advantages
  • Facial shape analysis
  • Best suited eyebrow shapes for both men and women based on facial shape recognition

Thread Selection & Best Practices

  • How to select different types and strengths of thread suited for different areas of the body
  • Exclusive brows by Alyssa & Naz eyebrow threading practices
  • How to build relationships with clients
  • Best practices and precautions before, during and after threading procedures (includes disinfection, appropriate sanitation standards and skin preparation)

Hands-On Eyebrow Threading Training

  • Entry Level Threading demonstration and practice alongside a threading practitioner with 9 years of experience
  • Learn how to hold and control the thread using three different threading methods. This allows student to determine his or her preferred method of threading

  • Mouth Clinching Method
    Various mouth clinching placements
    How to simultaneously manipulate and control the thread and spool
    Illustrate systematic motions using your teeth and hands in unison

  • Around The Neck Method
    Illustrate how to size, cut, tie and place the thread over your shoulders
    How to manipulate thread with repetitive, precise and systematic neck motions

  • Loop Method
    Illustrate ideal quantity of thread necessary to cut and tie together
    Illustrate the ideal placement of forefingers and thumbs

Day 2

Model Needed 

Advanced Eyebrow Threading Techniques

  • How to create high arch
  • Focus on challenging areas and continue hands-on practice
  • Demonstrate threading additional areas, full-face, sides, men’s beard-line
  • Tips and suggestions to enhance speed and threading technique
  • How to grow the brow (advanced skill)
  • How to create a perfect line
  • Threading pressure
  • How to fill in the brows
  • Starting your brand
  • How to attract clients