Hello, My name is Golnaz and I am the founder of blo & fil. Welcome to our network. I have built this salon with love and can’t wait till you come and experience your beauty service needs. I opened blo & fil in 2016 and I can’t believe how far we have all come. My team and I truly want every single person to come and leave with an exceptional experience.All of our clients are treated with love and respect. At this salon we take pride that we are a non-toxic organic salon.

We care about the environment, animals and we love what we do.

Making someone feel beautiful and using our artistry is our passion and that’s what makes us happy. Upon arrival, you will arrive in a salon with plants to give good energy, beautiful music to soothe your soul and a beverage menu. You will have a choice of organic teas, our Persian signature black tea and filtered clean water. I sincerely hope you enjoy every minute of your time.


Golnaz A